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financialfellow 01Knowing what and when to buy and sell is the secret to winning the game of finance. Our office has the world’s best accountant. This is the beginning of a collection of musings concerning the state of finance on a global scale. If you’re looking for someone to predict the rise and fall of the market then you’re looking to the wrong place. If you’re look for a place to vent regarding the decreased value of your 401k then this may be the right place for you.

You’ll find nice articles on different business services and ideas on this site as well as an occasional post about the financial times. The content of this site is of little use to anyone except those who are dedicated to wise investing. If you’re dedicated to wise investing and seek consulting regarding online marketing then you can check our site regularly.

Any answers that may be lacking on our site is only evidence that we need to continue building out the site. Your friendly suggestions will always be accepted and I’ll be glad to incorporate whatever I can in the time I have into this space dedicated to business, finance and marketing.

For now this is me wishing you a great day and hoping the weather is always sunny, the conditions for acquisition are always pleasing and that your new homepage for the latest in insurance, travel, construction, paper goods and leisure investment is

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